Q: What is your general availability?

A: I would love to photograph your pet so please check with me regarding session availability. Because of the personal attention I give to each client, as well as taking emergency clients with senior pets, I can only take a limited number of sessions each month. Sessions do tend to book far in advance so please plan accordingly. A 50% deposit and signed contract are required to secure your session date and time. Travel outside the Charlotte area may be subject to mileage fees. 

EXCEPTION: Clients who are booking an EMERGENCY Golden Years session do not need a deposit or signed contract to secure a spot. Please simply email me and we will set up the date and time immediately.

Q: what is your photography style?

A: I consider myself to be a documentary photographer, because my goal is to tell your story. This translates to equal parts photo-journalism, natural light, and illustrative. 

 Q: How do I choose a location? Do you have any suggestions?

A: The best locations are where your pet is comfortable. Your home, backyard, a local park, or areas along your daily walk are great places to start. I can photograph you on your favorite hike, out for coffee at your local coffee hangout, or window shopping in an urban district. I am always open to suggestions, and can provide a list of possible options dependent on the best scenario for you and your pet. 

Q: What if my dog/cat is shy, nervous, or untrained?

A: Most any pet can turn into a model with the right amount of patience, treats, toys, and understanding! Shy cats are the most challenging, so contact me and we can problem solve! Usually its a matter of patience, and then more patience. 

Q: My dog needs to remain on a leash. Is that ok for photos?

A: For safety reasons, I prefer your dog stay on a leash. I usually bring a very long lead so your dog can roam as if he/she were completely free. Most of the time leashes can be removed in post-production if they take away from the image.

Q: What Else do i need to know about photographing dogs?

A: The most important advice I can give is to make sure your dog is well exercised before the shoot, as well as fed/watered. It does wonders for expelling any nervous energy and sets the stage for a more calm experience.

Q: What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

A: Weather is certainly important, and though we do not shoot during active rain, keep in mind that cloudy days or days that have been rainy can be lovely times to shoot. We can always reschedule if needed.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Steer clear of fluorescents. Fluorescent colors tend to color cast on faces, necks and hair. They’re harsh sometimes. I always recommend versions of primary colors. Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal).  Stay away from wearing a lot of green when having photos taken in grassy/wooded areas. It’s just too much green. Green as an accent color is great, though! You want to stand out amongst all the greenery you’re surrounded by. To get the flow going with wardrobe for your family, start with one outfit that you really like. From there, build from it for everyone else. In the image below, it was the mustard dress Ashley is wearing that started the whole theme of their wardrobe. Wear what you feel good in! Moms and dads, this tip is for you specifically. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’ve chosen for pictures, it will show. If you can’t find a dress you feel good in, but you rock a good pair of skinny jeans, do that. If you can barely walk in heels, there’s no harm in doing cute and comfy flat boots or pretty sandals. If you can’t do a heel (like me), a wedge is a great alternative, too. Layer, layer layer! Layers add dimension and depth. In the summer? Layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. In the fall and winter? cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers.  Matching is out. Coordinating is in. And anything goes nowadays! We know your family is together. We’re photographing you together! So, wearing the same colored shirt, pants, shoes, etc. looks a bit awkward. Coordinating color is what really brings wardrobe together. I usually choose two to three main colors of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of color. Also, mixing stripes with plaids and tweeds is okay! Expression is important. We want to see your personality through your wardrobe.

Q: Can I bring along a friend/spouse/kids to the shoot?

A: Its best to only bring people who are going to be photographed. The less distractions your pet has, the better he/she will perform at the shoot.

Q: How long before the images are ready?

A: Every image we deliver is post produced with our unique signature style of post production. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections.Your images will be ready for viewing 2-3 weeks from your session date. Your prints and products will be ready 2-4 weeks from the time your order is placed and/or designs are approved. Please schedule accordingly if you are planning a session for a gift or special occasion. 

Q: What rights do I have to the digital prints?

A: You have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of  StoryLight Studio LLC.

Q: Do you have liability insurance?

A: Yes. Many venues require the photographer to have Liability Insurance. No matter which photographer you choose, keep this in mind!

Q: How does a online gallery work?

A: You will receive an email with a link to gallery and personal password. You can also access client galleries from the website directly. Go there and click on your private gallery. You will also be able to create a favorites list and share your gallery. You can also click on the shopping cart to order professional prints.

Q: What types of payment do you accept? Do you have payment plans?

A: I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal. Yes, I do offer payment plans customized just for you. Your order will not be placed until 50% of the balance is received and no products will be delivered until the total balance is paid in full.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me!